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Become part of our Coliving Community 
more joy in living.

Zimmer mieten bei TomoDomo Coliving

Domo le Flux

Domo le Flux Coliving Zimmer in Basel

Price: from CHF 1'195 / month

Where: Kaserne, Basel

Availability: 4 rooms >

Domo X-TRA


Price: from CHF 1'095 / month

Where: Limmatplatz, Zurich

Availability: Fully booked

Domo Central

coliving room domo central

Price: from CHF 1'395 / month

Where: Central, Zurich

Availability: Fully booked

Domo Tenna

coliving room domo tenna

Price: from CHF 1'395 / month

Where: Kloten, Zurich

Availability: Fully booked

Domo Vuelo

coliving room domo vuelo

Price: from CHF 1'195 / month

Where: Kloten, Zurich

Availability: Fully booked

Domo Fabric


Price: from CHF 895 / month

Where: Neumarkt, St. Gallen

Availability: 94 rooms

TomoDomo (共 々); japan. for together

Coliving is a form of living where people consciously share their living space in order to build relationships, share experiences and grow together. We are convinced: together is simply better than alone.

Coworking Lounge at Domo Tenna Coliving

Suites & Rooms

You rent your private, furnished room with your own bathroom.
You can personalize your home the way you feel and make yourself super cozy.

Möbliertes Coliving Zimmer

Common Areas

We put a lot of care into well-equipped common rooms where you can work, read and relax. Enjoy the time with your community members and build new relationships.

Gemeinschaftsraum im Coliving Haus

Shared Kitchens

Every house comes with large kitchens specially designed for living together. You have your own compartments for your food and the kitchens are fully equipped.

Coliving Küche

Utilities & Wifi

You don't need to worry about utilities or getting an internet provider. It is all included in your room rate and wifi is permanently installed. 


Wifi im Coliving

Events & Dinners

Together we organize events such as movie nights, hiking or jogging. Each house organizes itself and you can take an active part in shaping the community.

Gemeinsames Abendessen


The common areas, kitchens and shared bathrooms are regularly cleaned by professionals. You can also have your private room cleaned for a fee.

Cleaning Materials

Our Values


By living together, we create shared experiences and make new friends. Openness and curiosity characterises us. Community is not something we can buy, but something we create together every day.


We enjoy our home and love its coziness. Our retreat is beautiful to encourage creativity and inspiration. Our living space is important to us and we all contribute in keeping it beautiful.


We want to learn from each other, discover new things and develop ourselves in the process. Through shared experiences and leaving our comfort zone, we grow personally and as a community. 



TomoDomo is a perfect way to meet new people and become part of an amazing community! I had a lovely start in Switzerland with this community.



I had a great experience, meeting awesome people and sharing all our different life experiences.

I will for sure keep in touch with the people I met here!



This a great family far from home. As I (Dani) work remotely, I get to meet a lot of people here and have a lot of fun sharing thoughts and ideas with them.

Laura & Dani


A great place to stay for people looking for social interaction or who are simply new to the city. Clean and modern facilities. Loved the big and super equipped shared kitchens.


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