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How to build your own Coliving Community

Living in a community brings a lot of joy. We would like as many people as possible to get to know this form of living and thus have new experiences and new friendships.

However, we have far more requests than we have rooms in our communities. Therefore, it is important that other people build their own communities as well.

Here we would like to share a few experiences and tips with you, so that you too can soon start your own community on a somewhat smaller scale:

Find a place

The first step to a coliving community is to find the right place. Search for a large house with 6 or more rooms. There are various platforms like Flatfox or Homegate for the search. It is best to make a search subscription, which will inform you as soon as a large property comes on the market.

Once you have found a nice place, exciting people will follow you: Ask in your circle of friends, on Facebook or other portals who would like to move in with you. You can also post in our Facebook group Coliving - Switzerland.

This is exactly how it all started for us and the first TomoDomo house was born - the Domo Bellaria. Today, our founder and CEO Johannes lives together with his family and friends in this house: "I found the house with 9 rooms via a search subscription on Homegate and convinced the owners to let our colorful community live here."

How do you find good people for your Coliving Community?

There are so many open, curious people who would like to live in a community. And there are more and more.

Tell everyone about what you're doing and that you're looking for great people. Facebook and Ronorp are great platforms to find like-minded people.

Especially with a smaller community, it's important that the residents harmonize. We therefore recommend that you choose your roommates carefully.

TomoDomo also conducts a non-binding online interview with all interested people. The purpose is to find out if you really want to live in a community and if the house and the people fit you. Always remember: Good people build a great community!

Home is a place to enjoy!

When you find a suitable house, make it beautiful!

Every place, every house has a story. Embrace that history when furnishing and designing the home:

For our Coliving home Domo X-TRA, we incorporated the cultural and musical history from this legendary place.

You can give free rein to your creativity when it comes to furnishing. Our tip: Not everything has to be new. Look around on platforms like or Facebook Marketplace before you buy something new. On these platforms you can often find cheap or even free furniture and items.

A strong community needs values and guidelines

Especially in a coliving house, shared values are important.

Why do you want to live together? How do you talk about issues?

You also need to establish guidelines. How do you organize cleaning and cooking?

For example, the values of TomoDomo are Connect | Enjoy | Grow and stand for:

Connect By living together, we create shared experiences and make new friends. Openness and curiosity characterises us. Community is not something we can buy, but something we create ourselves.

Enjoy We enjoy our home and love its coziness. Our retreat is beautifully designed to encourage creativity and inspiration. Our living space is important to us and we all contribute in keeping it beautiful.

Grow We want to learn from each other, discover new things and recognise and develop ourselves in the process. Through shared experiences and leaving our comfort zone, we grow personally and as a community.

At TomoDomo, we hold regular community meetings to discuss issues and figure out how to become an even better community.

What makes a good coliving Community?

A community grows through shared experiences and adventures.

There are so many things you can do together: Cooking dinner, hiking in the beautiful Swiss mountains, game or movie night, an outdoor gym class...

Each of you has individual strengths and abilities. Take the time to discover them and use them to serve the community. That's how you can get an incredible amount out of this community.

That's how we do it at TomoDomo. Our communities plan and organize their activities on their own. From time to time, TomoDomo organizes an event for all the residents of our buildings. In summer, for example, a cool BBQ at Lake Zurich.

Picture: Schweizer Familie

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