We Create!

With TomoDomo we have made it our goal to create living space for communal living.

Dinner Party


TomoDomo, that is Jenni, Nicole, Milan, Johannes, Sandro and Corinne (from left to right)


Johannes founded the startup after having lived in coliving houses abroad for many years and now wants to bring this type of living to Switzerland.

Jenni, Nicole and Corinne form the design team and are responsible for the beautiful design of our homes.


Milan is an experienced hotelier and takes care of the well-being of our colivers.


Sandro likes to build stuff, that's why he's our construction manager


Together we are TomoDomo!



Each of our co-living buildings has a community founder.

This person is there from the start and helps to define and implement the vision and culture for the respective house. He is among the first to move into the building that he already helped influence and build during the planning stage. We expect our first buildings to open in  Zurich and Basel towards the end of 2020. Would you be interested in taking on such a role? Then write to us at or join our Facebook Group.

We look forward to you!