Domo Tenna


Available rooms

Our community takes its name from a small mountain village in Graubünden.
Inspired by the original, we have created an environment for creation, relaxation and community.
We invite you to feel at home in our modern rooms, spacious communal kitchens and lounges.




from CHF 1'195  per month

~ CHF 35 per month

from 3 months, you decide how long

* depending on room and contract length


The building is divided into 4 "quarters" with 15 rooms, each of which shares a large communal kitchen and living room.
The suites are spacious, modern and equipped with their own bathroom.

In addition to the four large kitchens, we have various lounges where you can work, relax or hang-out with others.

Beautiful Common Areas

We have built four large common rooms complete with fully equipped kitchens for you.
You can make your breakfast in the large kitchen, work or read a book in the lounge.

We are also working on the renovation of the previous hotel lobby, where we will create a large area for work and events in the near future.

Spacious Private Suite

The rooms in Domo Tenna are very spacious with 28m². Each room has a modern, high-quality bathroom, a large bed, a closet and some have their own work desk.

You have enough space to develop yourself within your four walls. Here you can create your own space to relax when you need time for yourself.


  • Bed & Mattress

  • Bedside table

  • Garderobe

  • Shower & WC

  • Mirror

  • Lavabo

  • Office desk

  • Card Access system

Your Suite
  • Electricity

  • Heat

  • Water

  • Wifi

  • Cleaning materials

  • Cleaning of common areas

  • Washer & dryer

  • Weekly dinner together

  • Own involvement in the organization of events for the community

  • Rooms that are created with love

  • Fully equipped commercial kitchen




Kloten or "Chloooote" as we like to say in Swiss-German is the name of the small town next to Zurich Airport. It is known not only for the famous ice hockey club, but also for its lovely city center with good restaurants, fun bars and one or the other club.


On weekends, you can explore the Hardwald by bike or on foot, one of the largest forest areas in the Canton of Zurich!


Should you ever get tired of the many small attractions or your roommates, you can take the S-Bahn.


In just 15 minutes you are at Zurich train station and the buzz of the city.


Together with our second community in Kloten, "Domo Vuelo", more than 100 people live together in close proximity.

For you, this means a lot of opportunities to get to know people from all kinds of backgrounds.

What connects us all?

We, including you, made a conscious decision to live in a community.


This basic understanding goes hand in hand with an openness to new connection, new ideas and community.


In the former hotel lobby, we are building a large space that will be open to the entire community. Are you good at yoga and want to teach others? Do you play music and are you looking for an audience? Do you love films and want to show them to others? At Doom Tenna you will find the platform to implement these projects. *

* The hotel lobby will be renovated in summer / autumn 2021.